Thursday, September 23, 2010

Home n alone

My first trip home after moving out and felt like a tourist in d city where i've spent 23 yrs of my life..felt like moving around armed wid a camera...virtual as well as a real one trying to capture images n scenes for posterity...
1) D best part was hovering in d clouds waiting for clearance to land and seeing d festive lights and rocket flares from above...a priceless experience from an amazing vantage point..
2) D car meandering thru' Dharavi crowd on my way home from airport n seeing d chaos of Id n ganpati celebrations in d same gully at the same time...
3)D familarity wid d the public transport and d freedom to go to any place without d choking(n embarassing) task of having to stop n ask for directions or wondering if d auto-wallah is literally taking me for a ride!
4) D clean loos, d fresh bedsheets, Mom's food, d love n warmth of your own home...
Miss u Mumbai..miss u home...

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Courage doesnt roar...its d quiet voice that says at the end of day..lets try again tomorrow

Have come across the greatest examples of courage/ determination and resilience over the last few weeks...seeing such people still trying, despite all the pain and agony, despite all d setbacks and still trying to live out another day is truly inspiring..seeing them your problems pale in comparision....
A young Afghani, early 20s, an accidental casualty of a bomb blast..b/l AK and rt arm AE amputation, b/l orchidectomy, diverting colostomy coming for distal cologram...accompanied by his aged father...his father lifting him up so gently, so tenderly, d young guy trying his best with just one capable was truly heart-rending...
Another young girl..4 yrs..born wid esophageal atresia operated immediately after birth with a gastric coming for a dye study to check for integrity of anastomosis..gone through multiple surgeries..a feeding jejunostomy hanging from one side...yet her Mother explaining to her so patiently, such love, d girl smiling so beatifically and co-operating so well for d was truly touching..incidentally she happened to be a Bahraini citizen...
Another 3 month baby born with high anorectal malformation operated on day 2 of birth with diverting colostomy and now coming for distal cologram to evaluate distal loop and recto-urinary communications..d baby having endured meningits n sepsis and yet fighting on...the parents taking such special care of him..that's resilience 4 u...
I know radiology generally keeps me shielded from direct involvement and yet d limited exposure that i get when these patients come for their tests to our room is enough to leave me profoundly affected, thinking, pondering and then finally blogging..and I wouldn't want it any other way ever..

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Happy Friendship Day

Friendshp day! Not that I really need a special day to celebrate friendship..but here's a list of al d gr8 times we had over d last 5.5 yrs! Hope u al remember them as fondly as I do...
1) D creation of BBC..early morning Patho lect in 3rd last row..individual titles and responsibilites delegated in the afternoon FMT lecture...d BBC dictionary, d wierd glossary, d wacky acronyms (ABCD/ LOVE) and our own code language..Psst..
2) The constant leg-pullings, d pathetic pairing ups, d constant punnings and d self-obsession and gossip sessions in d outer section second last corner table :-)
3)D Holi visit to my place..d ball-dancing,d hogging and appreciation of my Mom's culinary skills
4) Late-nite ophthal lectures..less studies, more an opportunity to hang out and for time pass
5) Lunch in KD...last item of d day..mixing up al sabjis wid Sambhavi's universal rice and eating d pan-Indian Khichdi
6) Sundae treat in Dean's lawn :-)
7) D flaring-up of tempers(on my side),ur jokes at my expense d fights, d sulks :-(
8) Gosumag...d making, d cursing, d late nights and driving d printer aunty crazy
9) D Ortho practise session at my place, d final yr practical revisions and d mugging up of all d std and our self-created formats
10) My moans, ur teasings, d anxiety b4 and d celebration after results :-)
11) D visits to sambhavi's place..yummy south Indian food, d movies, d games, etc
12) Shweta n Khushboo for putting up wid me and yet remaining sane and not hating me :-) Thanx for d bday wishes, for al d support especially in internship, thanx for ur acceptance and concern.
13) Shweta..also for all d late night calls, d soul-searching and for sisterly/motherly grandmotherly advice and outlook and insight into my life and others'.
14) Divya... for being such an inspiration, ur sheer brillance and good nature.
15) Varsha..for being d most transparent and genuine person i've met till date
16) Surabhi...for your pearls of wisdom, ur dress sense: owners' pride and neighbours' envy, for being such a dear dear friend
17) Sambhavi..for just being Sam..d one and one can ever take your place in my life...
18) Saumya..for your smile, your sense of humour,sum1 who was closest to me in terms of upbringing,attitude,behenjiness-cum-bitchiness, temparement and moodiness... only u evolved better than me in d 51/2 yrs... :-)
19) Internship..finally learnt to carve our own ways, forge our own paths, seperate out but the memories be cherished forever.. Thanx for making me a part of your lives..God bless u..
20) D only thing we really missed out was going a trip on our own to sum place...lets hope we can take time from our disparate schedules and do this sum time in d future...looking forward to it and to meeting all of you once again...